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What Has Been Done In Massachusetts


Following Our Mother's Death, we researched sepsis and found the story of

Rory Staunton , a 12 year old boy who died tragically from sepsis in 2012. His family started a foundation in his name and even advocated successfully for mandatory sepsis protocols in New York. Our family decided to join forces with the Staunton Family as part of their National Family Council on Sepsis to raise awareness and work towards the goal of mandatory sepsis protocols in each state. 

 We Found that Massachusetts had limited information available to the public about sepsis and that our state had a lack of clear sepsis protocols in place. It was time for change.

April 2016:  Meeting with Monica Bahrel, Commissoner of The Department of Public Health,  asking for a state response             


May 2016: Letter writing campaign to Governor Baker asking for sepsis protocols, First Fundraiser to Honor Emily


September 2016: Plea to Department of Public Health to  recognize Sepsis Awareness Month in Massachusetts Attendance at the third Annual National Sepsis Forum in New York hosted by the Rory  Staunton Foundation

November 2016: Meeting with Center For Medicare and Medicaid in Baltimore seeking national support for increased public awareness and sepsis protocols. 


 April 2017: Meeting with Governor Baker's senior staff to request his consideration of sepsis protocols

 May 2017: 2nd annual fundraiser in honor of Emily to raise public awareness

 July 2017:  Letters to the DPH council members and board members of the Hospital Association,requesting action for increased public awareness to sepsis

September 2017:  Attended the 4th Annual National Forum on Sepsis in Washington DC and advocated for     increased public recognition of Sepsis Awareness Month locally with DPH


April 2018:  DPH starts the Massachusetts Sepsis Consortium lead by the Betsy Lehman Center For Patient Safety,      Active members of Consortium

 May 2018 Third Annual Fundraiser for in Honor of Emily to raise awareness to Sepsis

 September 2018 Governor Baker Declares September 13th Sepsis Awareness Day ,

 Speech at the State House by Emily's Family in her Honor.​

 January 2019  Launch of SAFE Sepsis Awareness for Everyone

April 24th 2019 Massachusetts Sepsis Consortium Sepsis Tool kit released 

April 27th 2019 Cornhole Fundraiser in Honor of Emily  

September 26th 2019 Massachusetts Sepsis Consortium Launches "Sepsis Smart" a state wide Sepsis Awareness Campaign

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