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Our Family is proud to announce the creation of :
The Emily Edwards Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation
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 Benefitting the Scholarship


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Postponed to Fall of 2022

Local Press about past years Fundraisers


Go to our Sepsis Awareness Month page for education on sepsis 

We are all in this together

As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to persist in our world, we want to wish you all health, safety and support. Our goal is to continue to help educate and raise awareness in an effort to help save lives.

Please click the photo below for more facts about the coronavirus

Covid & Sepsis


Sepsis and Coronavirus Disease 2019: Common Features and Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutic Approaches

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CBS 60 Minutes Segment

Military Program working on ways to save lives when in septic shock 

 Massachusetts Launch of the Sepsis Smart Awareness Campaign

September 26th 2019

Photo: Gerry Bedard, (left) lost his wife Norma to sepsis and has been working to raise public awareness in her honor. Tina Edwards of SAFE, Bela Maranhas, a sepsis survivor, shares her story to help others know the signs. Diana Rogier of SAFE.  
Betsy Lehman Center Newsletter Press Release

Sepsis is a serious medical condition resulting from the presence

of harmful microorganisms in the blood or other tissues and the body's

response to their presence, potentially leading to the malfunctioning

of various organs, shock and death. 

Our family learned about this condition the hard way.

Our healthy, vibrant, active mother, Emily, died from sepsis in 2015.  

270,000 Americans die yearly from an illness 50% of people know nothing about. This is unacceptable and  we  need positive change.

Sepsis death is completely preventable if caught in time -  yet

7,000 Massachusetts Residents died from sepsis  2017.   Cited from:


Betsy Lehman Center's  interview with Secretary of Health and Human Services Mary Lou Sudders.

Our goal: Sepsis Awareness For Everyone in Massachusetts

(and beyond).  Awareness can help save lives. We want people to ask:

       "Could this be Sepsis?"  

On this site we will post educational material, fundraising events and our work as part of the

Rory Staunton Foundation's National Family Council on Sepsis.  


  Click to learn more:

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Emily Edwards lost her life to sepsis in 2015. Since her loss, her family lead by daughters Kimberly, Tina and Diana, have been active members of the Rory Staunton Foundation's National Family Council on Sepsis. They have been advocating for life saving sepsis protocols here in Massachusetts as well as increased public awareness. Click below to see some of the progress that has been made.


Photos of DPH Commissoner Monica Baherl and Ciaran Staunton, Flight to Fight Sepsis, Council Meeting at CMS in Baltimore, Governor Bakers Proclamation, Fifth Sepsis Forum and Kick off event at State House for the Massachusetts Sepsis Consortium


Please feel free to contact us for further information in regards to our  goal : sepsis awareness.

We are not medical professionals or experts. We are family members of a sepsis casualty trying to help educate others so that no other family has to lose a loved one to sepsis.


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Click the map for more

CDC facts on Sepsis

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 In Loving Memory of  

 Emily Edwards 

 Mother, Nana , Sister, Aunt, Wife  & Friend

   Lost to Sepsis

May 8th 2015


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